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Rhino Compact Coffee Grinder


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One of the smallest grinders around, the Rhinowares Compact is perfect for coffee on the go. Fitted with two conical ceramic burrs, and housed in a rugged stainless steel case, it’s as tough as anything.

At only 15cm tall, it’s small enough to fit in even the lightest travel pack. And it’s even been designed to fit neatly inside the Aeropress’s chamber, allowing you to save mess, hassle and avoid the wind, by grinding directly into your ‘press.

Ceramic burrs never rust and are rock solid, meaning they are tough enough to last years of use on the road or at home. What’s more, the burrs allow you to achieve a consistent, uniform grind, allowing perfect extraction and of course, great coffee.

The coarseness of the grind can be adjusted using the nut on the bottom, and with a little elbow-grease even fine espresso grinds can be achieved with relative ease. If you’re looking for a lightweight, rugged travel grinder that’s easy to pack, and even easier to use, you’ve found it.

Some of the features of the Rhino compact hand grinder include:
- Compact size- body fits in an AeroPress (registered trademark)
- Quality conical ceramic burrs - for consistent grind
- Easy adjustment for a wide range of grind types
- Smooth grinding motion
- Includes a convenient and protective carry bag

A couple helpful hints for adjusting the appropriate grind:
- For grind to suit an Aeropress, tighten nut all the way, then ease off half a turn
- For French Press, ease off 1.5 turns
- For a v60, tighten the burrs all the way, and then go half a turn back. Some further adjustment may be required from there depending on the specific beans used. Suggested ratio is 60g/litre.
- For a moka pot, which is somewhere between drip and espresso, adjust your grind to the finest level (adjust so that the burrs are touching) then open up a notch or two.

And some cleaning tips:
- It's best to pull the grinder apart and give it a clean every 4 weeks or more often if you are using darker more oily roasts.
- Just use warm, soapy water and an old toothbrush to remove all residual coffee.
- Make sure to rinse with fresh water when finished and allow the parts to fully dry before re-assembling


  • 1 x Rhino Compact Coffee Grinder
    • 1 x AeroPress Adaptor
    • 1 x Rhinowares Grinder Bag

Available sizes:

  • Compact
  • Tall

Recommended Additions:

  • AeroPress Filters Including Steel work with the Bruer
  • Coffee Grinders

See the Rhino Compact Grinder Below! 

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