Water Testing

Manganese Test Kit - 24 Tests
Manganese Test Kit - 24 Tests
Manganese Test Kit - 24 Tests
Brita Carbonate Hardness Test Kit
Brita Carbonate Hardness Test Kit
Brita Carbonate Hardness Test Kit Carbonate Hardness Water Test Kit from Brita.
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If you're a real bean fiend, you know that it is not just the beans that make a good coffee. Everything has to be just so to make the perfect brew. All good baristas know how important the purity of their water is to the purity of their coffee. Impurities in the water can be very obvious to the coffee connoisseur and spoil the flavour of a beverage completely, no matter how good your coffee beans or your barista skills are.

Water testing is vital and should be a regular element of your coffee shop's maintenance routine. This will ensure that your water - and hence your coffee – is the best it possibly can be. Barista Warehouse's Water Testing Collection is comprised of products which enable you to test the water you are using. This will enable you to pinpoint how your water purity needs to be tweaked. The process of water testing is quick and simple but can make so much difference to the brew you can produce.

Water Test Kits

We stock a huge range of the best quality barista products available on the global market. Our range encompasses all that is needed for the consummate professional barista or home coffee connoisseur. We only stock tried and trusted brands, with a strong reputation. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and seamless shopping and shipping processes. All orders can be with you in 1-4 days so you can be sure not to be waiting weeks for your essentials to reach you.

Now that you know better, you can do better (and make better coffee). Armed with the knowledge you need to keep your water beautifully pure, you can be sure that the quality of your brew will remain second to none. You can thank us later!

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The Water Filters & Fittings Collection

Milk Jug RinsersBarista Warehouse's collection of water filters and fittings provides you with all you need to make sure your water quality – and consequently your coffee quality – is on point. We pride ourselves on our large selection of high-quality barista products.

The Milk Jug Rinsers Collection

The busy barista simply cannot afford to be without a good milk jug rinser. This can save a huge amount of time in cleaning milk jugs and will leave you to concentrate your energy on brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

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