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French Press Brewing Guide

French Press Brewing Guide

Coffee aficionados love the French press, the cylindrical pot equipped with a plunger and a useful filter screen. The French press filters hot water and creates a delectable coffee with grounds. The French press creates an enhanced coffee experience that includes delicious earthy flavors. Coffee plungers bring a cafe experience to the average person’s kitchen. It’s famous all around the world and referred to by different names like cafetiere, plunger pot, melior, and a press pot. If you’re asking yourself: how do I make the perfect French press? This article is perfect for you. We’ve included some easy instructions on how to make the best coffee for cafetiere and some expert tips for the perfect French press experience.

How Do You Make The Perfect French Press?

Making the perfect French press takes some simple attention to detail. Considering the little factors like the French press water temperature and the French press steep time will ultimately add to your delicious rich French press coffee experience. As usually suggested, begin your brewing method with about 1:16 coffee: water ratio. The 1:16 ratio creates a balanced extraction level which leads to more favorable flavours. We’ve included a basic step by step guide below which demonstrates how to use a French press coffee maker and how to make French press coffee. We'll also talk about the best cafetiere for perfect French press coffee. 

1 - Begin by cleaning your French press plunger and removing any old coffee that may be left. Also, clean the lid. A clean French press creates a smooth and delicious taste.

Step 2 - Boil a kettle of water, you’ll need it for preheating and brewing.

Step 3 - Weigh out the amount of coffee based on your serving size.

Step 4 - Pre-heat your French press with hot water.

Step 5 - Remove the preheating water.

Step 6 - Grind your coffee and add it to the French press.

Step 7 - Pour in boiling water and set the timer for five minutes.

Step 8 - Begin stirring. 6-8 full stirs are recommended. Allow the mixture to sit with the lid on for about five minutes.

Step 9 - Slowly press down your French press plunger until all of the grounds are pushed to the bottom.

Step 10 - Serve hot and delicious French press coffee for yourself and your guests.

Tips:  If you’re wondering how long should French press coffee steep, the answer is a suggested 5 minutes. French press steep time may depend on the method and specific type of French press being made. Be sure to thoroughly clean the pot before and after each use. Also, be careful to push your French press plunger down slowly with steady pressure.


French Press Coffee Grind Size

Determining the French press grind size is important when trying to achieve the best coffee for French press cafetiere. The key to achieving the perfect grind size is maintaining the same consistency throughout the grind. If the grinds are too large and coarse they may cause clogging in your French press filter. If the grinds are too soft and small they may cause a muddy effect to your coffee. The best way to go is to maintain an even medium coffee grind size when using a French press. Some people who are new to the French press life may also ask: What size French press should I get? The answer really depends on how much coffee you plan on making.


French Press Coffee Ratio

If you’re asking yourself: How many scoops of coffee should I put in a French press? You should first consider how much coffee you want to make. Is it just for you, or do you have guests? It is suggested to use a heaping tablespoon of about 7-8 grams of coffee per every 200 ml of water.


French Press Sizes

Deciding which French press is best for you includes deciding what features and materials you would like to have in your French press. Barista Warehouse offers a variety of French press choices from brands like Bodum, Hario, and OXO.


Bodum French Press  

The Bodum French Press has been known for its efficiency and durability with its custom Bodum coffee plunger. We’ve included links to some popular Bodum French Presses.

Bodum Chambord Copper Press

The Chambord is known for its originality and classic history. The Chambord design was created in the fifties and is still held in high regards today.  The Bodum Chambord Copper Press comes in the 8 cup and the 3 cup versions.


  • Steel lid and framing
  • Durable surface with a long lifespan
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing (both the frame and lid)


Bodum Caffettiera French Press

The Caffettiera is a mixture of timelessness and originality, providing a delicious and aromatic French press experience. The Bodum cafetiere is a classic addition to any breakfast table.
bodum caffettiera french pressFeatures:
  • Available in both 8 cup and 3 cup
  • Steel frame with durability
  • Safe for dishwashing
  • Heat resistant glass


Bodum Kenya French Press

The Kenya French Press is special because it uses a method which provides a full coffee experience with the perfect smooth grinds. The Kenya press allows for the optimal extraction method capturing the essential oils within the coffee.


  • Attractive matt-black colour
  • Creates great results at quick rates
  • Fine filter for minimal residue from grinds
  • Easy to use


Hario Coffee Press  

hario french press oliveHario is known for its excellent appliances and exceptional French press coffee makers.

Hario Coffee Press - Olive Wood

The Olive Wood Coffee Press has a modern design while still staying true to the classic features of a French press. The beautiful olivewood finish is just the icing on the cake.


  • Known to brew a balanced rich coffee
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Available in 300 ml or 600 ml


Hario Olive Wood Cafe Press

The Cafe Press allows users to brew with style. The Olive Wood Cafe Press features an olive wood cover with olive wood accents throughout.


  • Known for a rich coffee brew
  • Stainless steel mesh filter
  • Famous Hario glass with extreme durability


Hario Cafe Press Slim - Black

The Hario Cafe Press Slim mini cafetiere is a stylish and sleek design that creates a smooth and flavourful brew.

oxo french press coffee maker 8 cup Features:
  • Made with stainless steel and silicon rubber
  • Plastic lid and knob made of polypropylene
  • Durable and heat resistant glass


OXO French Press

OXO offers smooth and delicious French press experience. Check out our recommended French press coffee makers from OXO.

OXO French Press - 8 Cup

This easy to use French press is known to brew a dynamic coffee with a delicious aroma.


  • Made with innovative stainless steel
  • Includes a non-slip grip for enhanced security on the handle
  • Removable filters for cleaning


OXO Venture French Press

oxo venture french pressThe Venture French Press is known for its shatter resistance and durability. It is recommended for travelers and campers who are looking for a portable coffee experience.


  • Durable and shatterproof
  • Perfect and portable
  • Silicone gasket filters for an enhanced brew


Switching to the French Press coffee maker may be the right decision for you. Head to Barista Warehouse for a variety of French press choices.

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