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For coffee lovers who love travel, the Aeropress Go packs in all of the great features of the standard Aeropress: but somehow makes it even more portable. Although essentially the same in how it works, and the great coffee it produces, this smaller brewer comes complete with everything you need to brew on the road. And it packs down into the included mug, saving you even more bag space. 

For those not acquainted with the Aeropress, this innovative coffee maker allows users to brew delicious coffee, quickly, using a two cylinder system. Hot water, coffee and filter are added, and the user uses pressure to force the water through the grounds and into the cup. This reduced brewing time makes coffee which is less bitter, as there is no chance for over extraction. Depending on your taste, you can use it to make press, American, espresso or even cold brew coffee. 

With space to pack accessories and even coffee in the mug/container, this is truly the most portable Aeropress ever, a full 70g’s lighter than the original. So if you’re looking for a super small, lightweight but powerful and versatile brewer, look no further than the Aeropress Go Coffee Maker.


One Mug to hold it all  — Pack away your AeroPress Go and accessories all in to the one mug with a silicone lid to ensure everything stays in one place.

Updated design — The GO is the same volume in brewing yet being smaller in size, it fits perfectly on to its mug whilst brewing. The scoop has a smaller footprint but will still hold around 16g coffee. The stirrer folds down to store away in the GO.

Travel stress free — An improved paper filter holder snaps easily to the side of the aeropress making them more convenient to travel with and you’ll never forget them.

Total Immersion Coffee — This style of brewing makes Smooth, Rich, Pure & Fast coffee. Hassle free with all the enjoyment.

Perfect Grit-free black coffee — The paper filters it comes with will remove any grind from ruining your morning brew. Vary the brew strength with more or less coffee and water. Espresso brew small. Plunger brew large.

Small Brewing Device — Brews in about a minute and takes little maintenance with a quick, light rinse. After brewing, eject the spent coffee into the trash or a compost bin and just rinse the plunger.

Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalate free — Feel assured none of the AeroPress Go’s plastics are harmful to you or your family’s health.

Made in the U.S.A


  • 1 x AeroPress Go Coffee maker
  • Chamber
  • Plunger
  • Filter Cap
  • Compact Paddle
  • Scoop(14g beans capacity)
  • Mug with Lid
  • 350 Paper Filters

 See the Aeropress Go in action in the Video below!

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