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Joe Frex Steam Arm Group Brush
Joe Frex Steam Arm Group Brush
Clean with steam? Yes you can. Connect the tube of the Steam Arm Group Brush to the steam arm of your machine and work on difficult dirt & grime build up. Includes additional brush and 2 size wand attachments.  
Joe Frex Milk Pitcher Teflon 590ml
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Joe Frex Milk Pitcher Teflon 590ml
Joe Frex Milk Pitcher Teflon 590ml The tapered spout makes these pitchers ideal for performing latte art. The Teflon style coating makes them easy to keep clean!  Also available in azure (blue) or red.  Use with love: Sharp or coarse metal objects like steam wands/milk thermometers and clips may scratch the Teflon coating (like...
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Founded by industrial designer, craftsman and creative inventor Jorg Rexroth, Joe Frex specializes in creating coffee equipment, parts, and accessories for the barista and coffee artist. Lifelong inventor Jorg Rexroth, turned his skills to manufacturing coffee accessories in 1996 when a friend asked for help designing a knockbox. This led to the production of espresso-related products and accessories to meet growing demand. In addition to developing different versions of his knockbox, Jorg also designed and manufactured other high-quality accessories like tampers and tamping stations for espresso machines, drawer bases, and other barista tools. JoeFrex remains focused on product quality and originality.

joefrex pitcherIn keeping with their ethos of design originality, Joe Frex produces some tamper bases that feature a black silicone ring. This simple innovation allows users to tap the tamper base against their portafilter without damaging either the tamper or the portafilter. This helps baristas to reduce wastage by letting them shake excess coffee grains back into the portafilter before tamping again. The company manufactures and sells its tamper bases separately from its tamper handles. This allows consumers the opportunity to effectively customize their tempers by mixing and matching bases of different styles and materials with handles that are most ergonomically or aesthetically pleasing.  For example, the Joe Frex Tamper Handle Technic Aubergine has an integrated precision release mechanism that lets the user perfectly set and control the tamping pressure needed for optimal results according to personal preferences and the type and coarseness of the ground coffee.