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If ever a coffee maker had an iconic silhouette, then La Pavoni Professional PL is it.

Completely handcrafted, this precious piece of furniture harks back to a time when mods gathered in coffee shops drinking frothy coffee. Largely constructed out of cast brass and built to last, it’s a design classic with enough quality, reliability and style for any creamy espresso coffee or foamy cappuccino aficionado.

Lift the lever to raise the piston inside the group, allowing pressurised water to infuse the coffee in the filter holder. Lower the lever and the piston forces the water through the coffee into the cup. Because you manually vary the speed at which the water passes through the coffee, the resulting brew is made exactly according to your requirements.

La Pavoni Professional PL has a steam jet, interchangeable with the ‘Automatic Cappuccino’ maker and a manometer allows you to check the boiler pressure.

The ‘Cappuccino Automatic’ attachment automatically sucks the milk from its container and brews it warm and perfectly frothed into the cup.

Since La Pavoni Professional PL allows 16 cups of espresso to be made consecutively, it is ideal for both home and business use, adding a touch of class to your kitchen worktop or your cafe counter.

La Pavoni Professional Lever espresso machines instructions:

  • Fill the boiler and wait no more than 5 min for it to heat up.
  • Fill the single or double basket with freshly ground coffee and tamp.
  • Insert the portafilter into the group-head of the coffee maker
  • Lift up the lever to begin pre-infusion of the coffee
  • Begin pressing down on the lever for espresso brewing
  • Use the pressure gauge to control flow and extraction
  • Complete the full press and enjoy your full-flavored espresso shot.

La Pavoni Professional PL Features

True Italian Espresso style — Lever action crema-topped espresso in minutes

Pressure Profiling capabilities — Brew your espresso using the Pressure gauge to reach 9 bars.

Integral Milk Steaming Wand — Finish your cappuccinos, lattes or flat whites in style with a two-hole steam tip.

Pressure stat and water level indicator Keeps constant pressure in the boiler with a thermostat and you’ll never let your boiler run dry.

Unparalleled Build  — Solid, brass casing boiler provides excellent protection with minimum maintenance required. 

This product includes:

  • La Pavoni Professional PL Espresso Machine and group handle
  • 1x Double & 1x Single 52mm Filter Basket
  • Two-Piece Drip Tray
  • 1x Tamp

The Specifics

Boiler 1.6L boiler capacity
Boiler Pressure 0.7 - 0.8 Bar
Heating Time 5 minutes
Heating Element 950 W
Steam Delivery 10 minutes
Electrical 220-240v 50Hz
Dimensions 320mm (H), 200 (W), 290 (D)
Weight 6kg
Basket Size 51mm

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