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Rhino Cocoa Shaker Coarse
9 reviews
A$9.45 - A$10.45
Rhino Cocoa Shaker Coarse
Rhino Cocoa Shaker Coarse The Rhino Cocoa Shaker comes in either black or stainless steel, with the option of either a fine mesh or coarse lid (humid areas may prefer to use the coarse lid). This cocoa shaker is ideal for any commercial or home machine, providing a hard wearing...
Rhino Cocoa Shaker Fine
1 review
A$9.45 - A$10.45
Rhino Cocoa Shaker Fine
Rhino Cocoa Shaker Fine From the folks at Rhino, this Cocoa Shaker is perfect for adding a little stardust to your coffee creations. Cappuccinos, Latte’s or whatever else can be brought to life with a little cocoa, and this fine duster allows you to add as little or as much...
Compact Designs Cocoa Shaker Black Fine
Compact Designs Cocoa Shaker Black Fine
The Black Cocoa Shaker is built with a full body and lid in stainless steal with a Fine lid. This stainless steel Fine lid can simply be screwed on and off with easy while still remaining secure during shaking. Includes: 1 x Concept Art Cocoa Shaker Black Fine Recommended Additions: All Milk Jugs Tamper,...
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Cocoa Shaker, Stainless Steel, Coarse
A$9.95 - A$10.95
Cocoa Shaker, Stainless Steel, Coarse
Cocoa Shaker, Stainless Steel, Coarse Stainless Steel Cocoa Shaker. Features a coarse stainless steel screw on top.Carton Qty 6.
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Clean Machine Cocoa Shaker Coarse
Clean Machine Cocoa Shaker Coarse The Clean Machine Cocoa Shaker comes in a range of 3 popular colours offering either a fine or coarse lid (humid areas may prefer to use the coarse lid).  This item comes with a coarse lid. This cocoa shaker is ideal for any commercial or...
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If you really enjoy your coffee, you know there’s nothing that quite matches having an accent dashed across the top of your cup. To see that streak of rich nutmeg across your foam or that chocolate swirl in your beverage is immensely satisfying.

This appeal is one of the reasons we go out and buy coffee from our favorite coffee shop or cafe, but now we can enjoy a beautifully crafted cup of coffee from our homes with our own cocoa shakers.

Cocoa Shakers Uses and Benefits

Use your shaker to add variety, depth, and subtlety to your favorite caffeinated drink, all from the comfort of your own home. The union of cocoa and coffee had to have had the hand of God in it.

Sprinkle a layer of your seasoning of choice to provide both the taste and the scent of whatever most pleases you in that moment.

Chocolate Shaker

Cinnamon over the top of a flat white is absolutely perfect for a warming and invigorating undertone when you raise the cup to your lips to drink. The scent will remind you of autumn mornings.

If you need something small to make friends and family feel treated (and impressed), a cocoa shaker will get you there. With the right drink and the right topping, you can teach them to love coffee just as much as you do.

Bonus gift:

Here’s a wonderful mixture that tastes so good, you’ll probably cut the amount of sugar you like in your coffee by half.

Here it is.

1 part ground ginger, 1 part nutmeg, 1 part all-spice. 1½  parts cinnamon and unsweetened cocoa powder.

Mix it all up, throw it in a shaker and enjoy your latest lovely moment in life!

Popular Chocolate Shaker Products

Rhino Cocoa Shaker

Rhino Chocolate ShakerOur most popular shaker is the Rhino Cocoa Shaker. It is, without a doubt, the current crowd favorite and the best seller of our Cocoa Shaker category.

So much so that it has sold out in the past.

It comes in two colors: Stainless steel and black.

It is made of stainless steel, which makes it not only fashionable and modern but also quite durable as well. Whether you’re buying this for home or for commercial use, you should expect this to last you for quite a long time — much longer than cheap items on the market.

It has a screw top lid (which is also stainless) that prevents spillage so you don’t lose your favorite seasonings or your time in cleaning them up. This is a problem with many shakers like this.

It also comes with either a fine mesh or a coarse mesh, depending on your preference, and it’s part of a matching set for Rhino products for consistency of style.

The Rhino Cocoa Shaker is definitely a recommended purchase.

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