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Concept-Art Barista Latte Art Pen


Concept-Art Barista Latte Art Pen

Concept-Art Barista Latte Art Pen With spoon & spike, this is the classic double-tool for perfect latte art! Material: Milled from solid aluminium with a polished finish. Cleaning: Wipe with a wet cloth, do not machine wash to avoid greying See the latte art pen in action:

Concept-Art Barista Latte Art Tool Set


Concept-Art Barista Latte Art Tool Set

Concept-Art Barista Latte Art Tool Set This is a state of the art, "must have" set for serious baristas.  This 3 piece set allows coffee enthusiasts to have free reign in the world of latte art.  All pieces are double-ended: - lance and spoon - spatula and spike - hook and...
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These days, it is common to find tulip or heart latte art on your coffee in many high street coffee shops across any city in the world. If you want to create waves in the latte art scene, you'll have to make sure to have the right tools on hand!

Barista Warehouse's collection of latte art pens and stencils are perfect for any barista wanting to add extra personality to each cup of coffee. Latte art pens provide the consumate professional with a blank canvas to create anything they wish with their latest brew, whereas latte art stencils provide an easy way of adding that creative touch to your coffee.

All of our latte art pens are crafted from stainless steel and manufactured to the highest quality to ensure the maximum possible precision for your art works.

latte art pensBenefits Of Latte Art Pens and Stencils

Latte art pens are the ultimate artists tools for the creative barista. Using the froth and crema, latte art pens can turn your standard coffee into an edible work of art. These precision tools provide a much higher level of precision than is possible by simply pouring.

Latte art stencils provide busy baristas with a quick and easy way of crafting coffee art in a matter of a couple of seconds. Simply hold the stencil over the coffee and use a shaker to create your masterpiece.

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