Filtropa Paper Filter #2 - Bleached 40pk
Filtropa Paper Filter #2 - Bleached 40pk
For use with brands such as BonaVita, Kelita, Hario, Tiamo, Clever & other V Shape drippers Size #2 - suits 1 cup apparatus About Filtropa Quality: The white (bleached) filters are high quality products manufactured from special compound paper and are completely free of taste and smell. The white (bleached) filter bags are...
Filtropa Paper Filter #4 - 100pk
Filtropa Paper Filter #4 - 100pk
Filtropa Paper Filters #4 - 100pk are made in the Netherlands and are specially engineered to deliver the perfect cup of coffee. The 100% cellulose paper is oxygen and chlorine free, which means that it leaves no taste or smell.  The paper has a high-density weave that allows for maximum...
Bonavita & Filtropa Steeping Bundle
Bonavita & Filtropa Steeping Bundle
The BonaVita porcelain steeping filter, along with a FREE 40 pack of #4 size Filtropa filters - all you need to get started brewing the perfect cup! The BonaVita immersion coffee dripper is so easy to use, and perfect for single cup brewing. Because it's made of high quality porcelain...
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The BV Filtropa company was founded in 1962. Today the company located in Maastricht, the Netherlands, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of paper coffee filters. Filtropa manufactures their FDA approved filters in an 8,000m2 facility. They produce millions of coffee filters daily, in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of both manual (hand-crafted) and electric/machine-based coffee brewing procedures.

filtropa coffee filtersCoffee Filters function by providing a medium that allows water to percolate through ground coffee. During this process, the filter prevents undesirable oils (Cafestol and Kahweol) from entering the finished cup. Some studies show that these oils can contribute to an increase in cholesterol levels. Filtropa's filters prevent up to 99% of these oils from entering the finished cup of coffee. Filtropa's filters also allow the water to drip through the coffee grounds at the optimal rate to allow the desirable aromatics to be extracted. The popular Filtropa Paper Filter 4 series is a high-quality product made from special, certified dioxin-free compound paper. Available in white (bleached) or brown (unbleached) versions, these filters maintain their strength even when saturated. This is an important characteristic of Filtropa’s products because no glues or other chemicals are added to bond or strengthen the filter paper. Filtropa’s white filters are bleached using an oxygen based, Total Chlorine Free (TCF) whitening process. This means that both bleached and unbleached filters are free of taste or smell and do not contribute to the finished taste of the coffee.