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Barista Essentials Maintenance Pack
Barista Essentials Maintenance Pack
Barista Essentials Maintenance Pack Great starter packs for customers wanting to look after their machine. This pack can be custom labeled for your business and can also be modified to suit the cleaning applications by adding tablets or backflushing powder. This pack includes: Triple Action Formula 250ml, Milk Steamer Solution 250ml and...
Barista Essentials Kit, Manual/Traditional Machines
Barista Essentials Kit, Manual/Traditional Machines
Barista Essentials Kit, Manual/Traditional Machines This great kit has all the essentials to complement any Manual/Traditional Coffee Machine. Great as a gift idea or as a starter pack with a new machine. What is included: Knock Out Tube, Black Clean Machine Back Flushing Powder, 100g Clean Machine Milk Steamer Solution, 250ml...
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Our Barista Kits contain all of the necessary items to complement any manual/traditional coffee machine.

Whether it's for making coffee or maintaining the machine itself, let us make sure you have everything you need for the perfect brew.

Barista Kits Units and Benefits

There's nothing worse than having an amazing coffee machine, but not the other items necessary to help you brew the perfect coffee. Barista Warehouse's Barista Kits contain all of the essentials for the ultimate coffee making experience.

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The Barista Essentials Kit

This kit includes: back flushing powder, milk steamer solution, a tamper mat, tamper, a milk jug, group head brush, barista cloth set, milk thermometer, knock out tube and a blind filter rubber disk for back flushing.

The Barista Essentials Maintenance Pack

This kit includes: Triple Action Formula, milk steamer solution and a barista cloth set.

Buying these items as a package means that we can offer these great items to you at a saving when compared to buying them separately.

Having been in the market for a long time, Barista Warehouse knows a thing or two when it comes to coffee. We have one of the biggest ranges of barista tools that you can find in Australie, and we sell many of the best barista tools available on the market.

Do your requirements differ slightly? No worries – we offer fully customizable kits and the possibility of white labelling your items.

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The Barista Tools Collection

Whether you're looking for Tamper Mats, Thermometers, Tampers or Barista Art Pens, we've got you covered! Here at Barista Warehouse, we pride ourselves on having anything that you could possibly need to make an impeccable cup of coffee.

The Cafe Supplies and Cleaning Collection

As a professional, you know the importance of keeping your equipment clean. Since coffee is 98.75% water, it stands to reason that you need to be very fussy about what happens to the water that makes your coffee. The Cafe Supplies and Cleaning Collection ensures that you have everything you need to keep your equipment good as new and your coffee tasting incredible.

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