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Rhino Shot Glass - Double Spout


Rhino Shot Glass - Double Spout

Rhino Shot Glass - Double Spout Rhino Coffee Gear does it again with another durable and quality addition! This 70ml (2.4 ounce) double spouted shot glass is ideal for pulling double shots.  The handle protect your hands from the heat, and graduated marks make measuring a breeze.  Features: - Double spouts and...

Concept-Art Barista Shot Glass, 60ml


Concept-Art Barista Shot Glass, 60ml

Concept-Art Barista Shot Glass, 60ml Shot Glass - 22, 30, 44 & 60ml increments The square shape allows 2 shot glasses to sit closely together under a double spout format. Measurements indicators are approxiate and may have small variations. Packaged in a Joe Frex retail box.

Rhino Shot Glass Single


Rhino Shot Glass Single

Rhino Shot Glass 60ml Perfect shots everytime! The Rhino Coffee Gear 60ml (2 ounce) shot glass is much less likely to break or chip given its heavy weight.  It also provides outstanding insulation against heat for sensitive fingers.  Features: - Graduated marks in ounces (every .5oz) and millilitres (every 10ml) -...
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More information about Shot Glasses & Dosing Tools

Here at the Barista Warehouse, we pride ourselves on the quality of our selection, and that holds true even with the simple (yet important) shot glass and dosing collection.

Everything you find here is going to be of high quality

Uses and Benefits of Shot Glasses & Dosing Tools

Shot Glass and Dosing Tools

The purpose of the items in this collection is one of measurement.

A cup of coffee is a recipe! If you want to make great coffee consistently, then you need to be able to follow that recipe, and that takes measurement. So these glasses are important.

The two key benefits you want to look for are usability and durability.

Usability: Shot glasses have a simple purpose. You don’t want it to be awkward or slow to fulfill that purpose.

Durability: Shot glasses can be very inexpensive. The least expensive ones can often cost you the most as they continue breaking over time, costing you time, money and frustration to replace them.

Popular Shot Glasses & Dosing Tools

Concept Art Barista Shot Glass 60ml

Concept Art Shot GlassThe Concept Art Barista Shot Glass ranks very high on the usability scale. This glass is specifically made for speed and ease of commercial use.

The design of the glass allows for two of them to be sat right next to one another, in case of a double spouted pour design.

The measurement indicators marked in oz, mls, and labeled for specific drinks (down to a single ristretto) help cut out the guesswork, making following the recipe for great coffee quick and easy.

Rhino Shot Glass — Double Spout

Typical of the Rhino brand, this shot glass ranks high on both the usability and the durability scale.

The double spouted design of this glass, it’s thickness, and its handle make setting two side by side impractical.

However, that same design allows it to pull a double shot from two spouts with ease.

For durability, you have the thickness of the item. You also have the handle attached to the glass, which not only prevents slippage (the biggest reason glasses are dropped and broken) but protects the user’s hand from heat.

A very good item for situations where you expect to be making coffee quickly

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