Bonavita & Filtropa Steeping Bundle
Bonavita & Filtropa Steeping Bundle
The BonaVita porcelain steeping filter, along with a FREE 40 pack of #4 size Filtropa filters - all you need to get started brewing the perfect cup! The BonaVita immersion coffee dripper is so easy to use, and perfect for single cup brewing. Because it's made of high quality porcelain...
Bonavita Lab Stand - White
Bonavita Lab Stand - White
The BonaVita Pour Over Coffee Stand is made "lab stand" style. Adjusts to all size cups - from travel mugs to regular coffee cups. Stainless steel and porcelain drip tray is heavy weight for stability and easy to clean. The stand also disassembles for easy storage.
Bonavita 8 Cup Stainless Steel Brewer
When using a Bonavita coffee brewer, you're one press of a button away from the perfect cup of coffee. It's been described as the machine that will make you something 90 percent as good as pour-over 100 percent of the time! Bonavita have refined this brewer to a point where...
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Bonavita manufactures German engineered specialist brewing equipment including coffee brewers, kettles and scales for the enthusiast coffee market. Bonavita's products are famous for their utility, design, and longevity. Their designs include variable temperature control settings to help ensure the perfect brew every-time, whether tea or coffee, depending on the type of tea leaves or coffee beans being used. In fact, Bonavita’s variable temperature kettles provide precision temperature control to within a single degree as well as a temperature ‘hold’ feature and timer that maintains the desired temperature for a user-set period of time. Available with glass or thermal carafes, Bonavita also designed their kettles with gooseneck spouts. This elegant feature, in combination with an ergonomic handle, gives the user greater pouring accuracy for pour-over brewing. The kettles are commercially UL rated and used worldwide by professional baristas.

In addition to their kettles, Bonavita also produces coffee machines and coffee scales. Their automated coffee brewers feature innovations like enhanced heaters for greatly reduced heating times, faster brewing and better flavour. They also have a proprietary showerhead design that aids in evenly distributing water over the coffee grounds for optimal saturation. This feature is complemented by an optional pre-infusion mode that pauses the flow of water from the showerhead to give the coffee grounds time to bloom, thus enabling better flavour extraction.