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How To Make Cold Brew Coffee In A French Press - Barista Warehouse

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee In A French Press

If you’ve ever had coffee from a French press coffee maker you know that it’s a delicious, rich experience. Now imagine that same deliciousness in cold press coffee. Yup! We said it, cold press coffee, a delicious and refreshing approach to ice coffee. We’ve put together this helpful guide for anyone who is interested in making a cold brew with a French press coffee maker. Get out your coffee plunger and get ready to create a refreshing and delicious cold brew with your cafetiere, perfect for a hot summer day. We've included tips to creating a cold brew with a French press and a great cold brew recipe to get you started.


Can French Press Be Used For Cold Brew?

If you’ve never had cold press coffee, you should try some - now. Get the same deep rich blend you would get from using a coffee plunger for a hot coffee brew, but enhance it with a refreshing cooling element. Cold press coffee uses the plunger method which makes for an enriched flavor enhanced with cold water. The cold brew process takes much longer than a hot brew, but with a little bit of patience, it will be well worth the wait. There are many different ways to go about making your cold brew with a French press coffee maker. Most commonly, the process involves adding coffee grounds to cold water in your French press cafetiere and setting the plunger equal to water level and then waiting for the coffee to steep. Once in steeping mode, your brew may need to sit for about 12-24 hours depending on how strong you would like your coffee. A good cold brew can remain enjoyable for up to 12 days after completion, so ultimately, it’s worth the wait!


Cold brews are not only super refreshing on a hot day but they also have some health benefits.


If you have a French press coffee maker or if you are considering getting one you should definitely consider making a cold brew. If you’re asking why is cold brew better for you? We have some answers:

  • Less acidic content. Hot coffee contains much more acid than cold brew coffee. When coffee is heated it releases more oils with acids which could cause heartburn and acid reflux. You can avoid some of these issues by drinking cold brew coffee
  • Cold brew coffee contains healthy antioxidants. Without involving heat in the brewing process, you maintain more of the good antioxidants found in coffee beans.
  • Regular intake of coffee has been shown to reduce the chances of several chronic diseases. Sipping a cold brew is a nice alternative way to get your coffee nutrients on a cold day.


Recipe For Cold Press Coffee

cold brew coffee recipe using a coffee pressIf you’re ready to begin your cold brew experience, we’ve got a recipe to help make it easier for you. This delicious brew is perfect for a warm day, you’ll cool off and get a delicious daily dosage of coffee. You’ll need to set aside some time to achieve this perfect brew, but we assure you, if you do, you won’t regret it.

A good cold brew is brewed slowly over time for a smooth and delicious taste. Be sure to have a strainer around to separate the coffee beans from the liquid. We suggest trying your cold brew a few different times and adjusting your recipe by making changes to the cold brew coffee ratio ounces. If you’re looking for recipes for cold brew coffee you can just follow these steps and you will achieve a delicious cold brew french press coffee and the best coffee for cafetiere. Want to know more about brewing French press coffee? See our French Press Brewing Guide.

Tip: Keep in mind that this is a method recipe and measurements may vary based on preference. Also, for those who love a sweet cold brew coffee, we suggest using a liquid sugar or a syrup instead of granulated sugar.  This may become one of your favorite cold brew coffee recipes!



  • 3-8 cup French press
  • A scale or something to measure your coffee beans
  • A coffee grinder to achieve a medium ground



  • Medium ground coffee beans (approximately 1.75 ounces)
  • Approximately 30 ounces of water (filtered tap water recommended)
  • Optional ¾ cups of whole milk (can be substituted with almond milk or no milk at all depending on your preference)



Begin by adding your measured coffee grounds to your French press machine. Be sure to consider your cold brew French press ratio.

Next, add water to your French press.

Use your lid and your plunger to cover your cold brew. Be sure to place the plunger in the upwards position.

Put your quick French press iced coffee into the refrigerator and allow it to brew for about 12 hours.

After 12 hours, gently remove the plunger.

Pour your mixture over a cool glass of ice and enjoy your delicious cold brew made at home! Oh, and feel free to add milk or liquid sugar to your mixture for additional flavor.



French Press vs. Cold Brew

bodum chambord copper press

Wondering what the main differences are between hot French press vs. cold press coffee? We’ve got the details for you here. A traditional French press brew is made with boiling hot water over a coarse ground of beans. A cold press brew is made with cold water and takes much longer to brew. If you are looking for a brew with less acidic flavors, and you love to drink your coffee on hot days, you may benefit from a cold brew. For an intensified coffee experience with a more pungent flavor, you may consider using your French press for a delicious hot brew.


Which French Press To Get?

If you are interested in getting a French press you should consider what size of French press you would prefer. Size can depend on usage and household size, it's really your preference. Here are a few recommended French press brands to consider when looking for the best cafetiere for perfect French press coffee:


Bodum French Press

The Bodum coffee plunger is known for its stylish design, versatility, and efficiency. Here are the top Bodum cafetieres to consider: 

Bodum Chambord Copper Press

  • Classic French design and craftsmanship
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Available in 8 cup and 3 cup version

Bodum Caffettiera French Press

  • A classic style with high aromatic vents
  • Brews 8 cups and available in 3 cup
  • Easy to clean the carafe

Bodum Kenya French Press   

  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for extraction
  • Known for durability and attractiveness


hario french press coffee maker

Hario Coffee Press  

Hario has innovated the kitchen appliance industry with unique styles and unmatched quality. Here are a few of our favorite Hario French presses.

Hario Coffee Press - Olive Wood 

  • Known for a rich and balanced brew
  • Made with signature Hario glass
  • Beautiful olive wood finish

Hario Olive Wood Cafe Press  

  • Stainless steel throughout the appliance
  • Stylish design suitable for any kitchen
  • Known for a rich and fresh brew

Hario Cafe Press Slim - Black 

  • Allows for a full-flavored coffee in a mini cafetiere
  • Includes stainless steel and silcone rubber
  • Glass body made with heat resistant materials

OXO French Press

oxo french press coffee maker for 8 cups

The OXO brand is known for durability and innovative styles. Here are a few of our favorite OXO coffee machines.

OXO French Press - 8 Cup 

  • 8 cup brewer
  • Made with innovative silicone and stainless steel
  • Hand-washable


OXO Venture French Press 

  • Known for durability, made with clear Tritan carafe
  • Plunger made with silicone  gasket filters
  • Great for portability and camping trips

Considering trying a cold brew? If so, brewing with a French press will add to a rich and delicious coffee experience. Check out Barista Warehouse for some great deals on French press coffee makers.

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