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best aeropress recipes for amazing coffee

Best Aeropress Recipes For Amazing Coffee

Your Aeropress is your all-in-one home coffee brewing machine. Its seamless design and air pressure technology create magic in your cup in mere minutes. Whether you're a long-time coffee lover or budding kitchen barista, there are dozens of easy Aeropress recipes for you to try.

Whip up an at-home espresso in less than 5 minutes! No hardware or clunky machinery required!

Craft the ultimate creamy cold brew that will make even the hottest summer days think twice.



From lattes to the classic American black, your Aeropress coffee maker is a portable café that fits in your hands. Making Aeropress coffee is serious business in Australia. Did you know there's even a World Aeropress championship?

You may not be competing for gold, but you can learn how to whip up your favorites, or branch out and begin expanding your coffee palette. This list will undoubtedly give you the best Aeropress recipe that becomes part of your daily routine.


Best Simple Aeropress Recipes by A World Aeropress Champion

We all have to start somewhere, and for those of us with a bit more experience under our belt, the simplest recipes are still essentials. These three recipes are great for making a balanced up of hot coffee or delicious cold brew to start your morning.

The Perfect Cup of Coffee Made Simple

This recipe was created by 2016 world Aeropress champion Michael Butterworth. He wound up taking fourth place for his take on how to brew the best hot coffee. His approach tweaks some of the suggestions made by the founder of the Aeropress, relying on boiling water instead of a lower temperature.

What you'll need:


Aeropress Go Coffee Maker

Recipe steps:

1. Measure 15 g of coffee.

You'll want to measure 15 grams of your coffee blend. The original recipe specifies a medium grind is best, so save the coarsely ground coffee or finely ground brews for another recipe. Once it's ready, add it to your machine.

2. Prep your Aeropress.

You will need two rinsed pieces of filter paper for this recipe. Place them in your device for double filtration. This prevents any coffee grounds slipping into your cup.

3. Heat 225 ml of room temperature water.

You can use a household kettle or your own boiler to quickly reach a strong boil.

4. Pour boiling water over filters.

Once you've added the water, quickly but swiftly place the Aeropress plunger to create its vacuum seal. Set timer for 4:00.

5. Remove the air plunger at 1:00.

Break the crust that has formed on the coffee and replace the plunger.

6. Slowly press air plunger at 4:00.

Your grind coffee will have steeped enough for the best extraction, leaving a full-bodied brew in your cup. You can now add milk, cream or sugar to taste and enjoy.

A French Blend and Brew: Aeropress recipe by Jerôme Dittmar

making coffee with Aeropress Go


Another winning recipe hails from Jerôme Dittmar, a French journalist whose passion for coffee won him second place in the 2016 Aeropress Championship. Set your brewer's position to normal, and grab some filtered water. This recipe is also good to use with coffee ground coarsely as the original uses a 7.5/10 coarse grind level.

What you'll need:

  • 20g of washed, high-density coffee beans, a light-medium roast, preferably Kenya coffee, ground slightly coarser than espresso grind
  • Coffee burr grinder
  • Coffee scale
  • Coffee kettle and 230g of water
  • Aeropress and rinsed paper filter


Recipe steps:

1. Rinse and place Aeropress filter paper in your filter cap.

2. Pour 20 g of water slowly, for 10 seconds.

3. Pour until you reach 230 g of water in 40 seconds.

4. Slowly push the plunger downwards for 40 seconds.

    Feel free to play around with some of the quantities and techniques applied. Although these recipes are from World Aeropress Champion experts, anyone can brew a good coffee with enough practice and Aeropress brewing gear. The key is to make sure you tightly press the plunger and always have a good seal; you just want to avoid air escaping to achieve a smooth, concentrated coffee tast while making coffee.

    Simple Inverted Aeropress Recipe by Lukas Zahradnik

    This inverted Aeropress technique comes from the 2015 Aeropress World champion, Lukas Zahradnik. It combines blooming water with the steeping process to save time without compromising quality or taste.

    aeropress go coffee maker

    What you'll need:

    • 20g of washed, high-density coffee beans, a light-medium roast, preferably Kenya coffee, ground slightly coarser than espresso blend
    • Coffee grinder
    • Coffee scale
    • Coffee kettle
    • Aeropress and filter

    Recipe steps:

    1. Grind 20 g of coffee. The original recipe uses a Malkoenig EK43 coffee grinder, but you can skip this and use your own trusted coffee grinder.

    2. Heat water to 79 degrees Celsius.

    3. Add 60 g of water to your Aeropress.

    4. Give your Aeropress a "turbulent wiggle" for 15 seconds.

    5. Wait 30 seconds for bloom.

    6. Add the rest of the water for 10 seconds, and press slowly downwards for 45 seconds.


    Best Aeropress Recipe for Light Roast

    A light roast coffee is full of floral notes that can be completely shocking to someone who has only drank traditional dark blends. Light roast coffee has gone through a gentler process to reach your cup, so it often has fruity notes or floral hints to it that novice coffee drinkers would have thought impossible. Light roasts are less acidic and bitter than their dark counterparts, and they're amazing pick-me-ups in the morning.

    Some light roast coffees are so delicate in coffee taste that they're more like tea than a strong cup of joe! While they can be a little more challenging to brew, don't worry. This light roast Aeropress coffee has you covered.

    What you'll need:

    • Freshly ground coffee
    • An Aeropress
    • Kettle of hot water
    • Coffee thermometer
    • Coffee grinder of your choice
    • Coffee scale
    • A coffee mug

    Recipe steps:

    1. Heat water to 80 degrees Celsius. This is starkly lower than typical coffee brews, but it is part of the process to create the most balanced light roast.Reduced heat results in less bitterness so acids extracted early in the process shine through, like phosphoric acid.

    2. Measure 20 g of coffee and grind to medium-fine blend. You should have finely ground coffee that's a bit more dense than your typical black coffee roast.

    3. Rinse your Aeropress to warm it and add coffee.

    4. Heat water to 80 degrees Celsius and start timer.

    5. Fill 1/3 of your Aeropress with water.

    6. Stir vigorously until 0:15 and prepare your mug and filter.

    7. Slowly pour remaining water at 0:45, for the next 15 seconds.

    8. At 1:00, flip your Aeropress over your coffee mug and press down slowly.

    9. Gently press until 1:45 or until you hear a hissing sound. This sound indicates there is no liquid coffee left to be extracted from the grounds.

    Best Aeropress Recipe for Dark Roast

    If you prefer a stronger cup of dark roast coffee, then there are a few ways to achieve this with your Aeropress.

    • Adjust your coffee-to-water ratio for more coffee.
    • Grind your coffee more finely for a sharper taste.
    • Tamp the coffee bed to increase pressure and reduce the coffee's contact with water.
    making coffee with aeropress go


    By modifying the brewing chamber's tension with the air plunger, you increase pressure and get a stronger flavor in your cup. This leaves you with the savory, sharp taste that makes dark roast lovers rejoice.

    Follow your preferred method for brewing black coffee in your Aeropress, altering your blends and grind level to taste. This will allow you to concoct the perfect balance between brew time and the final flavor.


    Best Aeropress Recipe for Espresso

    The Aeropress is advertised as a portable espresso maker, but it's more like a high-pressure coffee brewer. Usually, espresso machines use between seven to 10 bars of pressure. The Aeropress produces a max of 0.75 bars. Because you can manually adjust the tension between the brewing chamber and plunger, you can get a highly concentrated coffee that's comparable to an espresso shot.

    Here's how and what you'll require for the process of making a good cup of Aeropress espresso.

    What you'll need:

    • 18 g of finely ground coffee.
    • Manual or automatic coffee grinder.
    • A coffee scale.
    • Hot water in a kettle, water temperature 90°C.
    • A kitchen timer or your phone's built-in stopwatch.


    aeropress Go Coffee Maker

    Recipe steps:

    1. Prepare your Aeropress and filter for brewing.

    2. Insert the Aeropress plunger halfway into the brewing chamber.

    3. Heat water to 90°C. This will prevent over-extraction while still providing enough heat.

    4. Grind coffee finely in your coffee grinder and place the ground coffee into the Aeropress.

    5. Start your timer, place your Aeropress on your coffee scale and begin pouring 53 g of water into the Aeropress. Pour the water slowly. It should be around 10-12 seconds before you reach this measurement.

    6. Stir vigorously for 15 seconds. You can also shake the Aeropress in a circular direction for the same amount of time.

    7. Add the filter cap at 25 seconds and flip brewer onto mug. Plunge quickly to fully extract your coffee by 0:30.


    Best Aeropress Latte Recipe

    The glorious thing about lattes is that the sky's the limit. They're full of potential because they only have two primary ingredients: milk and coffee/espresso. You can choose how you want to balance yours based on your preferences.

    To make an Aeropress latte, follow the recipe for your preferred coffee or espresso. If using the former, aim for a 30:70 coffee-to-milk ratio for great coffee. For espresso, use one or two shots for an added kick.

    Making coffee with Aeropress Go


    Use a milk steamer such as the Bellman Stovetop Steamer to get that signature frothy consistency, and pour it over the coffee. If you don't have a steamer, you can also heat it in the microwave or on the stove and shake it in a mason jar or use a whisk to achieve the right froth.

    Inspired by the incredible range of the Aeropress brewer? Get your own Aeropress and accessories here at Barista Warehouse and check out our Aeropress Brew Guide for the basics.

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