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Yama 8 cup (40oz) Syphon, Stovetop


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This is the Yama 8 cup Vacuum Brewer. It comes standard with one filter cloth, the filter assembly, a measuring spoon, lid/stand, and vacuum brewer. A cup is approximately 88-118 ml for the purposes of this brewer.

Directions for use:

1) Begin with a slightly finer grind of coffee, similar to an "auto drip" grind

2) Drop the washable, reusable cloth covered filter into the infusion chamber with the chain hanging down into the glass siphon tube. Pull the chain down until you can hook it to the bottom of the siphon tube.

3) Fill the bottom carafe to the 8 cup mark with hot water and place 8 measuring spoons of coffee in the top chamber.

4) Using the wire trivet between the coffee siphon and the burner, place the coffee siphon on the burner and turn on to medium heat (DO NOT TURN THE BURNER ON HIGH).

5) As the water boils, it will be siphoned up to the top chamber where it will infuse with the ground coffee. A little water will always remain in the bottom water chamber.

6) Let the brewing process go for approximately 60 seconds, then remove the pot from the heat source.

7) Once the coffee starts to cool, the liquid is siphoned back down into the bottom carafe. Remove the top, placing it in its convertible lid/stand, and bring the pot to the table for serving.

8) Gently rock the upper carafe back and forth until it can easily be removed and placed into its stand.

9) Serve and enjoy!

Please note: This unit has been specifically designed to be used on a gas/ electric stove. This unit has not been designed for use with a stand or burner.

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