Kaffelogic Nano 7 Benchtop Coffee Roaster


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Finally the next step in home roasting is the Kaffelogic Nano 7.  This benchtop Coffee Roaster brings together performance, technology and style. Undeniably, the Kaffelogic Nano 7 is the ideal air roaster providing full control that delivers precision temperature over time.

Use it straight out of the box

Intuitive design features provide you the opportunity to begin roasting the moment you get the Kaffelogic Nano 7 out of the box. Pre-programmed roast profiles offering varied stages from New England Roast to Italian Espresso are preloaded so it’s is as simple as adding your green beans to the roast chamber choosing your roast style and go.

The Art to Roasting is through a USB stick

Kaffelogic Profile Management Studio, a free downloaded app is the place to begin. Providing that you insert a USB stick in to the back of the Kaffelogic, it begins to record roasting profiles or upload your own profile directly to the roaster. As a perfect addition to this is the Kaffelogic Roaster’s Companion, that guides you through creating and editing profiles.

Cleanliness in the Cup

Fluid-air-bed roasted coffee is widely regarded to produce more evenly roasted coffee by both floating the beans and heating them in a vertical column of hot air. This style of roasting provides a clean cup of coffee by ensuring none of the beans become over roasted or burnt.

Cleanliness in the Kitchen

As a result of an upward flow of air through the bed of coffee, the roaster removes a thin layer, known as chaff, that naturally comes off of the bean to be caught up in the chaff chimney. Chaff is easily removed once the roast is finished. Furthermore Fluid-bed roasting involves almost no moving parts or maintenance.


Roast Profiling Control — Kaffelogic Profile Management Studio download (Win. & Mac.)

Display and Controls easy to use — Provides the Roaster simple repeatability roast after roast.

Coffee Roasting Resources — Kaffelogic Roaster’s Companion Guide

On-line Roasting Community —  Community Hub with free tools to assist you in the journey of home roasting.

Quick Cool Down — Locks the flavour in quickly. 2.5 minutes from 215ºC to room temperature

Super clean Chaff chimney — No mess during or after roasting. Simply remove and empty.

First supply of Green Beans — Get roasting straight away with your first supply of green beans included.


  • Kaffelogic Nano 7 Roaster Base
  • Roasters’ Chaff Collector
  • 120g Green Bean Scoop
  • 3 x 120g Packs of un-roasted Green Beans


Batch Capacity 120g green beans | 100g once roasted.
Power Supply 230-240V AC
Motor Brushless DC 60W
Roast Time (typically) 10 minutes
Dimensions (W) 125 mm (D) 125 mm (H) 280 mm of base unit; 


Height with chaff collector 430mm. 

Weight 3.6kg
Colour Black
Heater 1400W

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