Kaffelogic Nano 7 Benchtop Coffee Roaster


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The world's finest benchtop coffee roaster

Precision, profile-based roast control that is unsurpassed among small benchtop roasters. It is a professional tool trusted by commercial roasting companies.

Artisan-roasted coffee comes home

For centuries coffee was roasted in the home for immediate consumption. That fine tradition is returning, but with a difference: quality. With Kaffelogic, coffee can be roasted in the home to the highest standard.

Discover the highest form of coffee

Seek out the best specialty coffee, roast to your exact tastes, and consume whilst at peak flavour.

We created the Kaffelogic Nano 7 so you can roast your own coffee - your place, your way.

Add a scoop of green beans, press start, and 12 minutes later enjoy the experience of freshly roasted coffee. 

Roast control reinvented

We weren’t happy with the traditional way of automating coffee roasting, so we started over and invented a better way. The result: Kaffelogic out-performs other automated systems at bringing to life the full potential of every bean. Mediocre beans will sing, and exquisite beans will… are your taste buds ready for this?

Peak flavour

Coffee changes flavour every day after it is roasted, with peak flavour generally lasting only a few days. When it reaches its peak you want to drink it over a short period and then move on to a fresh batch. The Kaffelogic batch size of 100g lasts 1 to 3 days for most people - perfect for living life at the peak.


Of course it’s not just about flavour. Freshly roasted coffee will also deliver maximum crema. Beautiful tiger-skinned crema with every shot.


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