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Hottop P Coffee Roaster


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Roasting coffee is an art form, and it can be intimidating for first-time home roasters. With the Hoptop P, Model KN-8828P-2k, you get a full-specification, high-quality roaster with incredible value and ease of use.

Programmable to upto 9 saved Roast Profiles, each program consists of eight segments. Each segment consists of an amount of time, temperature, and fan speed. You’re able to predetermine these parameters for each segment and the Hottop B will control the temperature. 

With full control of segments when programming the roast, you can only change the Target Temperature of each segment once the roast begins using the stately LCD screen and upscale control panel.

The Hottop P’s heat controller is not designed as a complete variable temperature output but simply turns the heater full on or full off whilst using a very accurate and reliable K-thermocouple to ensure the curve is maintained as close as possible. The roast can be stopped and the beans ejected at any time the user chooses with the press of one button.

The intuitiveness and ease of programmability from the Hottop B is the ideal approach if you want to set up to roast coffee and sit back to observe and enjoy the process. With a Capacity of 250g Green Beans, you could essentially have a week's worth of coffee roasted in under 15mins. 

Hottop P Coffee Roaster FEATURES

Computer Controlled Roasting – With fully automatic roasting profiles & cooling periods.

Auto and Manual Modes Available – Set and Forget or guide the beans through the roast.

Very Quiet Operation – Easy to hear 1st and 2nd crack.

Built-in smoke Reduction System – Using a two-stage air filter built-in.

Deep Chaff Tray – To collect and make removal of chaff hassle-free.

Large Viewing Window – Gives an excellent view of the beans for visual signals of roast progress.

Numerous Safety Functions – Three separate temperature safety points electronically monitored during the roast,

External Cooling Tray – With agitation arm and forced-air cooling fan. Beans cool in 4 to 5 minutes.


  • Hottop KN-8828P Coffee Roaster
  • Cooling Tray with Agitation Arm
  • Heat Guard Rail


Batch Capacity 275g Green Beans Max | 220g once roasted.
Power Supply 230-240V AC 50/60Hz
Dimensions (cm) Roaster: (W) 25.5 (D) 48 (H) 35.5

Drum: (ø) 10 x (L) 8

Viewing Window: (ø) 4

Weight 10.0kg
In Roast Controls Start, Stop, Time up/down, Fan speed up/down, Heater power up/down
Chamber Material Stainless Steel
Heating Indirect hot air (0~30 minutes)
Temperature Control  0ºC – 220ºC

Available Styles

  • Hottop P (Hottop KN-8828P2K)
  • Hottop B2k+ (Hottop KN-8828B-2K)

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