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Flair 58 Pressure Gauge

This custom gauge features the Flair branding, black silicone gauge guard, and target espresso marking at the 6-9 bars of the gauge’s face.

Flair 58 Stem And Pressure Gauge

This complete pressure gauge set replacement includes the Flair custom pressure gauge and the matching stem with tabs and a hook receiver for easy assembly.

Flair 58 Drip

Tray Using your Flair 58 without a drip tray can lead to unsightly stains and hard-to-clean spills on your kitchen counter or brew bar. The original silicone drip tray for Flair 58 slips into place and stays there until you take it out.

Flair 58 O-Ring Set - 6pc

Full set of six O-rings as replacements for the Flair 58. These include every o-ring required to continue using the manual espresso machine and having it perform at its best shot after shot. It is recommended to replace o-rings when the others become cracked, dry, brittle, break or have noticeable cracks in them. They're easy to change over and will make the world of difference using fresh seals.

Flair 58 Conversion Valve Plunger & Flair 58 Straight Wall Valve Plunger

The Flair 58 Conversion Valve Plunger is perfect way to bring your original Flair 58 or 58x up to the most efficient in terms of design and workflow.

The valve plunger is the newest addition to the Flair 58 lineup. This plunger allows for repeated shots to be pulled without needing to remove the stem from the brew chamber. Simply add your brew water after your last shot, and watch as the water displaces through the one-way valve as you raise the lever back into the start position.

Each valve plunger kit requires a Flair 58 Puck Screen, which must be used on top of the portafilter after the existing internal screen has been removed. If you do not have a puck screen, the valve plunger will not function!

Flair 58 Brew Head Funnel

The Brew Head Funnel to the Flair 58 remains on top of the brew head, to stop any overfilling or splash out whilst filling the brew head. 

Flair 58 Preheat Cap (Open or Closed) 

Buy a replacement preheat cap for use with either the Flair 58 or Flair 58x. The open preheat cap makes preheating your Flair 58 simple by creating a platform where the brew head can be placed on top of a kettle. Preheat your Flair 58 and 58x without electricity as your brew water boils.


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