Dripster 2-In-1 Cold Brew Dripper


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The Dripster 2-In-1 Cold Brew Dripper is here making delicious cold brew coffee you can enjoy everyday. Known to be sweet, aromatic, clean and void of any bitterness or sourness; Cold brew coffee can be easily brewed and enjoyed over ice, with milk, straight or in a cocktail.

The Dripster 2-In-1 Cold Brew Dripper is designed to give you two separate and unique ways to make cold brew coffee. You can choose full immersion or drip style brewing depending on how you set it up. Either will be delicious and it all depends on if you want to adjust the drip rate to set your full brewing time or allow the coffee to steep, full immersion style, and when you’re ready to enjoy, open the gate and let the cold brew pour. 

Wait a few hours and you will be rewarded with cold coffee that is aromatic, exceptionally clean & free of bitter flavours.

Dripster 2-In-1 Cold Brew Dripper uses a super fine filter mesh of 800-microns to ensure a pure clean cup of coffee without the muddiness you find with the average cold brew brewers. An additional mesh filter can be found in the top vessel for your immersion brews.

Using cold water instead of hot dissolves more aromas, but less acidity and bitter substances and becomes really easy to make your own iced lattes or cold brew concentrates to be drunk throughout the week. Keep some in the fridge for your morning coffee.

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