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The Delter Coffee Press produces super clean, flavourful coffee which no other hands on maker can rival. Although it resembles some other brewers, and has much in common in execution, the Delter has something a little extra.

It is the only manual brewer that is designed to minimise ‘agitation’. This describes the interaction between the grounds and the water. Agitation occurs when water is forced through the grounds: too much agitation can cause a bitter, over extracted brew, even with very short brew times. The Delter seeks to control the amount of agitation with what they call ‘injection brewing’.

When pressure is applied, the jet filter comes into play, ‘injecting’ the water steadily and managing agitation. And the proof is in the pudding: the Delter produces a super smooth, clean coffee. It’s also super easy to clean, coming apart easily so you can access all the parts that might otherwise be hard to reach. And it’s as portable as the Aeropress,fitting easily into your travel bag, or even your pocket. If you’re looking for a different approach to travel brewing and favour a cleaner cup, the Delter could be your guy.


– Jet Seal: Unique seal that prevents any unwanted agitation of the coffee bed during brewing.
– Injection Brewing: The water and coffee are separate until you’re ready to start brewing using injection brewing.
– Simple to Clean: All you need is a few minutes to wash with water
– Portable: Weighing less than 250g, the Delter is ideal for camping, plane, travel, office or home.
– Pocketable Design: Compact and portable for coffee anywhere

To Brew:

To brew with the Delter Coffee Press, you need freshly roasted ground coffee and  water just off the boil

 1. Place a filter in the Delter cap and rinse with water and discard.
2. Add freshly ground coffee into the Delter coffee chamber (max. capacity 30g).
3. Twist on the Delter cap.
4. Flip the Delter over onto your cup and start pouring your hot water into the brew chamber, filling to the line markings.
5. Raise the plunger to dose the exact amount of water required for your brew.
6. Push down on the plunger to activate water and coffee contact.
7. Raise the plunger again to redose or refill the brew chamber for larger, double-batch servings.
8. Enjoy!


Capacity: 400ml
Materials: BPA-free plastic
Weight: <250g


Delter Coffee Press x 1 (Chamber / plunger / cap)
Paper Filters x 100pk

See it in Action here: 

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