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In the coffee world, the name La Marzocco carries a great deal of weight. Designing hand-built commercial espresso machines for the best part of a century, they’ve recently been producing single group home espresso machines, like the much sought after La Marzocco GS3, for home baristas who want to take their set-up to the next level.

La Marzocco’s handsome low-profile fits under just about any cabinet and the sweeping angles of the side panels lend themselves well to the optional wood panels that La Marzocco produces. Its semi-saturated grouphead design keeps the area around the drip tray free of clutter, making every experience comfortable and satisfying.

Inside, the GS3 packs two temperature-controlled, stainless steel boilers making for practically unlimited steam. The Dual PID display allows you to control the temperature of both the steam and brew boilers for really fine tuning your coffee production.

Even the largest lattes don't phase the La Marzocco GS3. It can steam 6 ounces of milk in 7 seconds and 16 ounces in just 25. For americanos and tea, the GS3’s hot water arm uses a mix valve that gives a smooth stream of hot, not boiling water, whilst the standard GS 3 AV benefits from volumetric shot buttons which will automatically stop a shot at your desired volume. This allows you to easily steam milk and pull shots at the same time, significantly increasing efficiency.


Dual boiler machine
Dual PID Control
Digital Display (Shot timer, Temperature)
Exposed Saturated Group
Insulated Boilers
Ruby Flow Restrictors
Pre-heating System
Utilizes either water tank or plumb it in for water supply
Dual Boiler (3.5L Steam / 1.5L Brew)
3.5L water tank
Weight: 34KG
Rotary pump

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