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 The Trinity ONE is a brewing revolution for specialty coffee. Combining pour over, air pressure, and cold brew techniques, it reduces bench top clutter and provides a functional, minimalist experience. Presented in high quality stainless steel and black walnut timber, Trinity ONE is your instant brew bar solution.



Pour Over

Brew the perfect pour over on Trinity ONE. Simply choose your filter (compatible with paper V60, Chemex 6-cup, and stainless steel Kinto or Able KONE) and place it in the brew chamber with freshly-ground filter coffee. Use a gooseneck kettle for the bloom and pour. When brew is complete, remove your cup or server and enjoy!


Experience the brewing revolution with the Trinity Press feature. Place your freshly ground filter coffee into the brew chamber, with the Trinity Flow Controller positioned in place. Use the flow control function to immerse your coffee for as long as you like until you are ready to press. Open the flow controller, insert the 3kg-weighted Trinity Press Cylinder, and sit back! Your coffee will press automatically before your eyes with a consistent and repeatable result!

Cold Brew

The ‘summer favourite’, cold brew is ever-increasing in popularity and demand. Enjoy the visual brewing aesthetics offered by Trinity ONE. Brew an iced coffee by placing ice in the brew chamber, following by matching the desired ratio of coffee and water with a pour over. Brew traditional cold brew by immersing coffee with cold or room temperature water for as long as desired. Or brew a large batch in any suitable container or server in the fridge, and use Trinity ONE to filter the coffee grounds from a batch or individual cup over ice!

Success on Kickstarter.

Mark Folker, founder of Trinity Coffee Co, successfully raised $106,528 on Kickstarter for the Trinity ONE.


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