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Ti Amo Corner Tamping Mat
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$21.90 $22.95
Ti Amo Corner Tamping Mat
Tiamo Corner Tamping Mat This well designed corner tamping mat has built-in rests for both the tamper and the group handle allowing the tamping process to be comfortable and neat!  It is constructed of anti-slip rubber and overhangs the bench top for extra protection.  It has a 10mm thickness to...
$21.90 $22.95
Items 1 to 1 of 1 total

There is no such thing as an espresso without pressure!

And that means tamping. However, you don’t want that pressure traveling through to the workstation beneath your portafilter basket. That’s an easy way to damage your furniture over time, whether you’re at home or on the job.

 This collection provides the solution to this problem!

Uses and Benefits Of Tamping Mats and Stands 

Tamper Mats and StationsTamping mats and stations are meant to stand as a barrier between the metal of the portafilter you’d be tamping into and the surface of your work stations below.

Not only do they protect your equipment from harm, but they help control any mess from spillage and the stations help prevent injury.

A note on injury: The idea of tamping injuries may seem silly, but the definitely do occur within the barista community. Repetitive strain is a common cause of injury and poor tamping form can mean wearing an embarrassing brace for the duration of the healing process.

Stations help facilitate proper form (you want a straight wrist), prevent slippage and they look exceptionally professional.

Popular Tamper Mats

Ti Amo Corner Tamping Mat

Ti Amo Corner Tamping MatThe Ti Amo Corner Tamping Mat is a compact ‘essentials plus’ kind of mat, which makes it very popular among the coffee making crowd.

It is made of anti-slip rubber, which is very helpful when dealing with drinks, and is 10mm thick for some serious durability. It also has resting spaces built in for the tamper and the group handle, which really improves comfort during use.

Add in the protective overhang and the fairly concentrated size of the item, and you have a piece that’s perfect for home use and small work stations.

Rhino Classic Tamper Mat

Though not as popular as the Ti Amo Corner Tamping Mat, this piece from Rhino is also a fairly common purchase.

The Rhino Classic Tamper Mat has all of the bare essentials you need from a mat — nothing more, nothing less — and all from a low, low price point.

It’s made of extra thick, food grade (though, we recommend eating as little of it as possible) silicone rubber that provides the necessary protection for both the bench and the portafilter. And it’s small, making it easy to use with just about any space.

This item is for those looking for a budget option that gets the job done satisfactorily.

Concept-Art Tamping Station, Exclusive Black

Concept-Art Tamping Station, Exclusive BlackThis is our highest selling tamping station.

As with all Concept-Art products, it is well designed and professionally crafted, and one of the most important aspects of the product is its aesthetic.

It does all of the things you’d expect a high end station to do.

The Concept-Art Tamping Station has places to hold your equipment steady as you’re tamping, it helps to keep said equipment dry, silicone feet keep it from sliding around, and it’s brushed with stainless steel to improve its lifespan.

This is the option the business owner looking to convey quality or artistry as part of their brand prefers to take.

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