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Cafessi Teflon Milk Jug 600 ml
Cafessi Teflon Milk Jug 600 ml
Cafessi Teflon Milk Jug 600 ml Cafessi brand teflon milk pitcher is a hard wearing and durable milk frothing pitcher. It looks smart and clean, and its non-stick surface makes cleaning a breeze - just rinse or wipe with a damp cloth. Suitable for latte art.  Attractive "retail ready" packaging. ...
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Cafessi Milk Jug
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Cafessi Milk Jug
  Cafessi Milk Pitcher   This Product Includes 1 x Cafessi Milk Jug Specifications Materials: Food-grade stainless steel Sizes: 350ml and 600ml
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Whether you are in the business of making espresso or any other type of coffee, having the right tools is essential. In fact, the quality of barista tools is what defines a great barista. Whether you are brewing coffee at home or in a café, you need to have the right tool to make the very best coffee.  Among the most important things that you must have in your coffee kit is the milk jug.

The Importance of Milk Jugs

Milk Coffee JugsWhether you are professional or just a coffee fanatic, this is something that you cannot afford miss. Unlike other jugs, barista milk jug is designed to help you store and serve milk for the customer. Some of them are even designed with calibrations that makes it possible for the barista determine the exact right amount of for a great cup of coffee.

If you are in the business of making speciality coffee, a barista milk jug is an essential tool that should feature in your coffee kit. As professional baristas, not every container can work for serving and storing milk for brewing coffee. You need a nice jug to do this. The amount of milk used to brew coffee plays a huge part in determining the quality of the coffee.

For instance, if you are making espresso and you add little more milk than required, then the coffee is likely to become bitter. Similarly, adding more milk than required coffee and it will lose the taste that most of the coffee drinkers are looking for. That’s why it’s important to have milk jug to help portion control for a great cup of coffee.

But you need to be very smart while selecting the milk jugs, particularly if you in the coffee business. Remember that coffee drinkers are looking for that exceptional taste and flavour- you don’t want to dilute the taste of the drink just because you added more milk than required. There are various features that you need to look into to ensure that the brewing has been made easier and extremely efficient.

Milk Pitcher with Green HandleThe choice of the colour should match the decor of the café. You also need to check the material that the jug is made from. You should chose the jugs with etched volume lines to help portion control and eliminate waste. This also helps to ensure that you have served the right amount milk. The health of the customers is crucial, and that’s why you should avoid plastic jugs even though they are less expensive. The material should also be lightweight and corrosion resistant.

We understand that the market is no longer dependent on the dairy. Things have changed over the time, and the non-dairy milk is increasingly gaining popularity in the market. Most of the milk jugs that we are providing on our online store are designed to enable the baristas to work with these options. For instance, we have silicone handle grips that make it easy to identify which milk is in the jug.

At Barista Warehouse, we have made sure that our customers have everything they need in their coffee kits. We have a great collection from some of the most reputable producers in the market. Some of the best manufacturers that you can find in our online store are the Rhinoware products. Some of their best products are their Rhinoware stealth milk jug, Rhinoware classic pitcher and Rhinoware professional milk jugs. The products come with a premium non-stick surface for increased safety.  Other brands tha can be found in our stores include Pullman, Motta, Tiamo and Rattleware amongst many others.

Visit our online store for coffee tools and accessories and sample some of the best milk jugs in the market. We have been in this industry for a long period, and we know the most reputable manufacturers for the best coffee kit. You will definitely be impressed by our vast variety of the brands on our store.  We are one of the most user-friendly websites you can find in Australia. We have made ordering and delivery of the item very easy. We offer some of the best prices in the country, and the shipping of the item will be done within the shortest time possible. Just visit our store and your coffee brewing will never be the same again.



You can use many things as a frothing pitcher, but none will work as well as a dedicated milk frothing jug.
The best milk jug for latte art would be one made of stainless steel, which is designed for baristas. With the right milk jug, latte art is easy!
Here's how to clean a stainless steel milk jug:
  • Use soap and water after each use, or;
  • Use a dedicated milk jug rinser.
  • Every few weeks, soak in cleaner.
Learn all about How To Clean Milk Jugs with our guide.
Baristas use milk jugs to froth milk as the shape and design means they are ideal. They are perfect for getting the right consistency and easy to clean.
The best milk jug for baristas to use will depend who you ask, but should be tough, well designed and shaped for frothing milk and easy to clean.
To froth milk you can use a milk jug and either the frother attachment on an espresso machine, or a hand frother. A proper milk frothing jug is important to get the right consistency.