Milk & Dairy Cleaner

Cafetto Organic Milk Frother 1L
Cafetto Organic Milk Frother 1L
Cafetto Organic Milk Frother 1L This organic liquid cleaner is formulated to remove milk residues from milk lines, frothers and parts on automatic espresso machines.  Keeping your cafe free from harmful bacteria is critical, and lab tests have shown the Cafetto Organic Milk Frother Cleaner is effective against E-Coli, Salmonella,...
Cafetto Home Milk Frother
Cafetto Home Milk Frother
Cafetto Home Milk Frother Cafetto eco-friendly/organic cleaner and sanitiser for automatic milk frothers/lines.  Designed for De Longhi, Jura, milk jugs and steam wands, milk lines and automatic milk frothers, Saeco. BFA Registered, OMRI Listed. - Phosphate free - Biodegradable - GMO free - Registered for organic use 2 bottles at...
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The Milk & Dairy Cleaner Collection

Milk is as important as coffee when brewing the perfect caffeinated beverage. Frothy lattes, foamy cappuccinos and sumptuous flat whites would be nothing (well that's not strictly true, they'd be espresso) without the milk. So we all know that the milk – like the coffee – needs to be just right.

At Barista Warehouse we are unfortunately not strangers to the difficult stains that inevitably result from using milk and dairy in our delicious beverages. Milk stains and residues quickly build up and hamper the taste of our coffees. But they needn't. Milk and dairy cleaners are designed to remove milk residue from the relevant parts of your espresso machine, milk jugs or other surfaces. This leaves you with a blank canvas on which to craft your caffeinated masterpieces.

Milk & Dairy Cleaner

Barista Warehouse's Milk & Dairy Cleaner Collection comprises a range of products designed for both commercial and domestic settings. These items are designed to become an integral part of the everyday care of your coffee equipment. We pride ourselves on only stocking products that are of the highest quality and used widely in commercial and domestic settings across the globe.

Every good barista knows all too well how important it is to keep all of your coffee paraphernalia properly cleaned and maintained. You want to get the most out of your beans and your machines. You just want to get the job done well and quickly. Due to our

Milk & Dairy Cleaner collection containing only the highest quality products, we can be sure that your cleaning process is quick and seamless and the focus of your day stays firmly on the exceptional quality of the coffee you are producing. What could be better?

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