Brita C150 Water Filter Kit with PLV for Coffee Machines


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The C150PLVKIT uses the purity range of filters from BRITA to deliver clean drinking water that has been softened to protect appliances such as espresso machines, ice machines & combi ovens. We have made this kit totally user friendly when it comes to installation, if you have a standard 1/2" male tap and you can connect this kit yourself.

What is included in the Brita C150PLVKIT? 

  • 350 KPA Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV)
  • 1.5 meters of flexible high pressure polytube
  • Brita Purity C150 water filter and head assembly
  • Brass bush to allow the outlet to be 1/2" male connection
  • Thread tape

The outlet of the head is a 3/8" male connection, which fits most braided hoses that are provided as a standard with most machines. We have an extensive range of both brass and quick fit connections that you can add making every household set up stress-free and simple. 

Filter and head measure 42cm long.

The Purity contains Ion exchange resin that is pre-charged with Hydrogen. Hydrogen is best suited for use with Copper boilers such as a Wega Compass.

The Finest contains ion exchange resin that is pre charged with Sodium. Sodium helps to buffer the PH for use with stainless boilers like an LM GS3

The Brita C150 Finest

This has been developed for better taste and better protection. The latest technology that reduces Total Hardness & the effects of harmful Chorides whilst maintaining a perfect PH, perfect for most water conditions and ideal for stainless steel boilers.

Best used with a Brita flow meter to ensure you can track the life of the filter.

Utilising a softening technology and the ideal mineral composition, the Brita Finest range encourages the release of the quintessential aromas from the coffee beans.  Therefore, authentic espresso taste is the end result. This process also allows a stable crema with a colour and consistency that was previously not achieved. In a nutshell, the Brita Finest range allows optimum taste to be reached. 

This kit allows for easy installation to a  1/2" male tap - making for quick machine installations.

Kit Contains:

- 1x 350kpa PLV

- 1.5 metres of flexible high pressure poly hose

- C150 Finest filter

- Finest head assembly. (The outlet of the head is 3/8 male and fits most braided hoses provided standard with most machines.

- This kit also includes a brass bush to allow outlet to be a half inch male.

Please note: If you would like to plumb direct but need a different set up  - just call us on 1300 724 249 so we can suggest parts to suit.

Other benefits from using the Brita Finest Range:

- Reliable protection for professional coffee  machines from limescale and gypsum deposits.

- One filter head concept for ALL cartridges in the Finest / Purity range means a rapid-change system

- Innovative locking handle and integrated flush valve for easy operation

- Sodium charged ion exchange

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